About WATAN AL AMJAD Environment Services L.L.C

Our Used oil collection service caters for all types of waste oil including used engine oil, oily water, used hydraulic oil and sump oil, generator oil,base oil,

Our specialist fleet of road tanker liquid and hazardous waste vehicles and strict licensing standards of our operators and drivers means we will deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality and compliance. Our waste oil collection tankers can service your individual requirements – from small quantity to large quantity of waste oil from all kind of service station to big industries,

We are the experience and qualified & technical expert team with experience of more than 05yrs in the field of Sludge Disposal & marine tank cleaning. The company has well equipped storage tank at Al Saja Industrial Area- Sharjah with highly skilled and dedicated workforce and undertakes, Vessel Tank cleaning and oily sludge & bilge disposal.

We are the leading service provider for oily waste generated from the vessel Sludge, bilge water, Dirty oil, de slopping, waste oil collection disposal at economical solutions for all type of oily waste generated from all kind of vessel from small tug boat to VLLC, general cargo, oil tanker, and supply boat We are an authorized Transportation, Collection, safe disposal, de-slopping operations, to approved reception facility by Dubai and Sharjah municipality across UAE.

Our Infrastructural Facilities

Modern and well-developed facilities allow us to successfully cater to the varied needs of our customers. We are well equipped with a spacious premises area at Al Sajja Industrial area- Sharjah of 20,000 sq feet, We have our own storage facility for storage of all kind of waste oil, used oil and treatment for recycle, We have our own road tanker and oil pick up vehicle approved by UAE municipality and safely dispose at designated site of the UAE municipality.

Our Lab

Our lab is well equipped with most modern testing facilities in the area, providing rapid and most reliable analysis, Our analysis report of all kind of Fuel Oil, Sludge, Slop Oil, Bitumen, Lubricants & Grease.

WATAN AL AMJAD ENVIRONMENT SERVICES L.L.C take this opportunity in Introducing ourselves as one of the leading companies which provides oily waste disposal services at Dubai and Sharjah ports in UAE and Used oil collection from service station and industries at Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah,

  1. Our company is an ISO 9001:2005 certified,
  2. Approved by International Maritime Organization (IMO) for MARPOL waste reception from the ships across UAE ports,
  3. Approved by Trakhees, Dubai Municipality and Sharjah Municipality
  4. We are conducting below services round the clock for the vessel at alongside,
Sludge disposal from the vessel alongside
  1. Bilgewater disposal
  2. Oily waste collection
  3. Used Oil collection
  4. Waste Oil collection
  5. Ship Tank cleaning