We provide Reception facility for sludge, waste oil, tank washing, oily residues/bilges, etc. to the vessels calling at all major Ports of UAE & Anchorage. We are an economical and prompt to our work commitment. Working 24 hrs to retain the client satisfaction.

Some of our ELV solutions include:

  • Sludge oil discharge
  • Slop discharge
  • Used Oil Collection
  • Waste oil Collection
  • Oily Bilgewater
  • Dirty ballast water
  • Oily residues (sludge)
  • Used oil collection for main engine / Generator/ Crane
  • De-slopping operation at UAE anchorage and OPL
  • De-slopping operation at UAE anchorage and OPL
  • Our services are under Marine Pollution (MARPOL 73/78) – International Maritime Organization
  • (IMO) Rules & Regulations to vessels calling at major in UAE.